Don't forget about copy constructors and the copy assignment operator

— richardwb on Friday, April 03, 2009 @ 12:30

Something that I've always found handy to do is to decide, right away, what the copy semantics of a particular class are. Generally it turns out that it makes no sense (or is a lot of work) to allow copying, in which case the standard approach is to define the copy constructor and assignment operator as private.

An alternative approach and one that I think is a bit more self-documenting, is to inherit from boost::noncopyable. This achieves the same effect and makes it immediately obvious that the class will not allow copying.

class MyClass : boost::noncopyable { };

The most correct way to use boost::noncopyable is to inherit it privately, since inheriting it publicly could let people do really funny stuff like:

void stuff(const boost::noncopyable& obj);

(more details here)

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